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Residential / Home Interiors

'big'- single bedroom flat

Client: Private

Location: Nowy Targ, Poland

Usable area: 36 sqm.


A challenging project that required the seamless interaction of multiple activities within a limited space. Budget and technical limitations made good design imperative, in order to maximise the potential of the available area.



'havana'- single family home

This ‘Zakopane’ style single family home was designed to suit the rustic woodland environment of suburban Nowy Targ. It combines rustic wooden finishes with sharp, contemporary fittings and fixtures, including the cutting-edge havana light. A modern home in a traditional setting.


'50 Kilos' - loft conversion

For this project we overcame the challenges of combining a series of potentially disjointed and tight spaces to achieve an accessible, open loft area that exploited as much of the loft as possible. 


The kitchen, dining, lounge and study areas all distinguishable, yet come together to best exploit the light and height available. Structural beams do not impede the flow, but are accentuated and made into a feature by effective lighting and material choices. 


Circulation flows seamlessly between lounge, kitchen, study and stairwell, with added ‘bonus’ spaces including a small seating area and a cosy space for the family pet!


'A+a' - apartment design

A modern apartment interior designed with materiality in mind; from warm wood tones to clean white render, framed exquisitely by black metal components. The feature light’s central presence is accentuated by reflective obsidian-effect tiles and mirrors, making for a clean, yet cosy space.

'Honeycomb' - loft conversion

This stylish loft space was conceived via design discussion with the client, settling on a honeycomb motif that has been incorporated into storage spaces, acoustic adaptation and even a cosy space for their pet dog!


Attic conversion, Acoustic conversion, Sound Diffusor, Dog place, Bespoke furniture design, Open space, Lighting design, details, Air conditioning.

'domino' - villa

Bespoke design for a customised fireplace monolith and carefully-considered, weatherproof building exteriors make for a promising design package in this Polish villa.

'Bolle' - single family home

Warm wood tones and clean white edges form a modern interior design for this single family house in Poland. The bespoke stairwell opens up  the kitchen-dining area – and with a bold feature light, joins the two floors in a beautiful yet understated manner.

'man cave' - bespoke office/ lounge

A hyper-modern space that achieves a futuristic appearance while maintaining a warmth in materials and colour. Acoustic panels feature in a subtly-designed room envelope, meaning the rest of the household aren’t disturbed and the volume can be set to max!

'white dixon' - concept interior

A bright, singular living space designed with a client who wanted to make the most of the high-ceilings and large windows in their building, with an eye for openness. 


A layered transition of spaces allows for a linear interior, ideal for interaction.