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gOGLIO - Office

Client : Goglio East Europe

Location: Krakow, Poland


A comprehensive office fit-out, carried out on behalf of an Italian packaging systems manufacturer. This included bespoke furniture and fittings, a staff kitchen, storage spaces, workspace for the sales and marketing departments, as well as two board rooms. High-quality Italian light fittings were utilised to create well-lit, comfortable meeting areas within the wider, open-plan office.

Custom-design display units for a variety of Goglio products line circulation routes. An array of mounted green-wall moss panels and additional creative touches make this a workspace that stands out and provides a comfortable, contemporary environment for working.

DTw4 - Office

Client: DTW electronics

This refurbishment saw building-use change from a car mechanics to an office lobby reception and an integrated accountancy department. 

In addition to the integrated office, the lobby served as a entrance/exit to multiple adjacent employers, so required a sense of place. Creating this threshold into the various offices warranted a vibrant intervention, manifesting as a large red plane that intersected the two floors, guiding workers into the applicable entrance routes. 

DTW8 - Office

Client: DTW electronics

Location: Zabierzow, Poland

This commercial project included a directors’ office, board room and customer sales department. High-spec furniture and fittings maintained a sense of quality, while bespoke design for the wall and kitchenette units maintained a sense of design cohesion within the space.

Office design, Border room design, Bespoke furniture, general arrangement,

SMA - office

Client: Sma industries

Location: Zabierzow, Poland



This office fit-out covered a wide scope and included two board rooms, a director’s office, workspace for fifty employees, kitchenette, and an entrance lobby with a bespoke, fitted desk.



Intelligent product specification and precise fitting details, alongside detailed lighting design, created a bold and impressive office space.


damar - Healthcare

Client: Damar healthcare

Location: Ruda Slaska, Poland

A clean, bright and efficient refurbishment of a GP Office, including bespoke lobby desk and circulation space. 

Angular-cut white wall panels, bright wood tones and empirically-designed space lighting enable a contemporary aesthetic that permits 





Wire - Café

Client: Bistro Bar

Location: Rabka, Poland


Industrial light fittings, mid-century modern furniture, warm wood tones, and a carefully-considered internal composition of bright and dark wall finishes (slate grey render and exposed whitewashed brick) allowed this small café space to not only have a bright and inviting service area, but several cosy nooks for patrons to relax in.




Interior design, lighting design, bespoke furniture, furniture design, refurbishment, toilet design, kitchen design

black dixon - Café

Client: Cafe, Ice cream,

Location: Kroscienko, Poland

The main café area is sandwiched between a dark-wood bespoke serving counter and an exposed brick wall, with wooden ceiling baffles and luxury ‘black dixon’ light fittings accentuating the quality of the space. A comfortable setting for a coffee or two!

Interior design, lighting design, kitchen design, bespoke furniture design,  refurbishment,